18: "It's like The Matrix", with special guest Tanner Nelson

Tanner Nelson, creator of the Vapor web framework, joins John to talk about the present & future of server-side Swift, designing Vapor's API, Apple's new SwiftNIO project, marrying the concepts of Swift with the web, and much more.

Special thanks to Suhit Patil, Daniel Williams, Gilad Ronat and Clay Ellis for this episode's questions & topics! 🙌

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♬ Intro & outro jingles by Dariusz Dziuk.

Links and show notes

Tanner on Twitter: @tanner0101

John on Twitter: @johnsundell


Vapor Cloud

Server Side Swift with Vapor, the book - Ray Wenderlich

Server Side Swift with Vapor, the video series - Ray Wenderlich

Fluent on GitHub


SwiftNIO on GitHub


Chris Lattner's post about concurrency in Swift

TCP - Wikipedia

TLS - Wikipedia

Quic - The Chromium Projects

Protocol Buffers - Google Developers

The Vapor Slack: vapor.team

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