19: "Proposal tour", with special guest Erica Sadun

Erica Sadun joins John to talk about Swift Evolution and its proposal process, civility in the community, the state of Apple's developer tools, protocol extensions, Swift Foundation vs Objective-C Foundation and much more.

Thanks to Sam Jarman, Eric Swifty, Gui Rambo and Dman for this episode's questions & topics! 🙌

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Links and show notes

Erica on Twitter: @ericasadun

John on Twitter: @johnsundell

Erica's website - ericasadun.com

The Swift Evolution repository

The Swift Evolution forum

"Introducing role keywords to reduce hard-to-find bugs" - Swift Evolution forum

"Unwrap or die" operator proposal

The Stacktrace Podcast

"Adding toggle to Bool" Swift Evolution proposal

Proposal for removing C-style for-loops

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