9: "The answer is YES", with special guest Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson of Hacking with Swift joins John to talk about learning & teaching Swift, Storyboards vs XIBs vs code, game development, Swift on the server and much more.

Thanks a lot to Paul Weichhart‏, Dave King, Anmol‏, Hans Ospina‏ and Pawan Sharma for this episode's questions & topics! 🙏

Special Hacking with Swift offer for Swift by Sundell listeners: Get $5 off Paul's "Dive into SpriteKit" book with this URL! 🚀

Ask your question at swiftbysundell.com/podcast, or by tweeting to @swiftbysundell.

♬ Intro & outro jingles by Dariusz Dziuk.

Links and show notes

Paul on Twitter: @twostraws

John on Twitter: @johnsundell

Hacking with Swift


Swift Community Awards

Kathy Sierra - O'Reilly

Spaced repetition - Wikipedia


Stevia - GitHub

EasyPeasy - GitHub

SnapKit - GitHub

Dive Into SpriteKit

Imagine Engine - GitHub



Build Engine - Wikipedia

Microsoft XNA - Wikipedia

Vapor - GitHub

Kitura - GitHub

Stencil - GitHub

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