1: "Hello world"

In this first episode of the Swift by Sundell podcast - John gives an introduction to the show's concept and answers the first set of questions, submitted by members of the Swift community.

The questions in this episode are about RxSwift, game development, Swift for Android, third party HTTP frameworks and CI/CD.

"RxSwift - Reactive Programming with Swift", Ray Wenderlich

"Adding Continuous Integration to a Swift project"

Thanks to James Valaitis (@infinityjames), Aaina Jain (@zenithshanu), Luis Arias (@lugearma), Igor Kravchenko (@iGman2005) and Mateusz Zając (@cojoj) for this episode's questions! 🙏

Ask your question at https://swiftbysundell.com/podcast, and you can find me on Twitter @johnsundell.

♬ Intro & outro jingles by Dariusz Dziuk (@dariuszdziuk)

2: “It’s a lot like cleaning your house”, with special guest Roy Marmelstein