8: "Time traveling is always cool", with special guests Marin Todorov & Florent Pillet

Marin Todorov and Florent Pillet, two of the four authors of Ray Wenderlich's RxSwift book, join John to talk about Rx, reactive programming, debugging, learning new technologies and much more.

Thanks a lot to Johan, Marcin Krzyzanowski, Aaina Jain, Florian, Mukesh Thawani and James Valaitis for this episode's questions & topics! 🙏

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♬ Intro & outro jingles by Dariusz Dziuk.

Links and show notes

Marin on Twitter: @icanzilb

Florent on Twitter: @fpillet

John on Twitter: @johnsundell

Ray Wenderlich's RxSwift book

RxSwift on GitHub

RxSwift documentation on GitHub

RxSwift example app on GitHub

Adam Borek’s blog

Debugging - RxSwift documentation

NSLogger on GitHub

List of apps using RxSwift - AppSight

ReactiveCocoa on GitHub

Marin’s website: underplot.com

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