All my recorded talks

Here you can find a list of all conference & meetup talks that I've done that have been recorded.

Gentle Generics - Hacking with Swift Live keynote

Generics are incredibly powerful, but can also quickly make a code base more complicated and harder to understand. In my second opening keynote, I wanted to address that, and talk about how I deploy generics in a more gentle fashion.

Decisions - iOSCon keynote

In my first ever opening keynote, I spoke about how I make tech decisions, and the various phases that I go through in order to make decisions that have a higher chance of standing the test of time.

Big thanks to SkillsMatter for hosting iOSCon, and for giving me this special video feed to embed on this site. Tickets for iOSCon 2020 are already available, and I truly recommend it — both the 2018 & 2019 editions were fantastic!

Coding for Curiosity - Mobile Era

As developers, we need to constantly learn new technologies and improve the way we work, but finding time to do so can be really tricky. In this talk, I spoke about how I use the power of curiosity to fuel my learning process, to improve the quality of my code, and to build things that at first might seem impossible.

The Lost Art of System Design - Swift & Fika

I very often get asked about app architecture - and more specifically “What is the best app architecture?”. In this talk, I wanted to give my answer to that question, and expand the topic of architecture to also cover system design, which I feel has become a bit of a “lost art” in the iOS and Swift developer communities.

Prototype Everything - ADDC 2018

Prototyping can be a great tool when it comes to quickly validating an idea or a new concept. It can let us try out a new UI design, an experimental way of coding or even an entire app. But prototyping can also be used in so many more situations, so in this talk I give my top tips on how almost anything and everything can be prototyped.

The Magic of UI Testing - UIKonf

In this talk I show how I tactically deploy UI tests to verify certain features, and how they can even be used as a development tool. I also give my top tips on how to make UI tests faster and more stable to run.

Sharing - App Builders

In my first ever non-technical talk, I tell the story of how and why I started sharing large parts of my work with the community, and give my top tips on how to get started with open source, blogging and podcasting.

Beyond Animations with Core Animation - Swift Paris

Core Animation is one of those essential technologies that power most Swift apps, whether or not you use it directly. In this talk, we’ll go beyond animations - and take a look at how Core Animation’s many powerful features can enable high-performance rendering, creation of complex shapes and backgrounds - and even be used to power a game engine!

Game Development for App Developers - #Pragma

In this talk I give an introduction to game development, for app developers who want to start making games on Apple's platforms. I show how SpriteKit can be used to get started, and introduce Imagine Engine. This is the first time I've done two live demos in the same talk, which was a lot of fun.

Everyone is an API designer - NSSpain

In this talk I speak about API design, and how it's not only something to consider when building frameworks and SDKs, but how it can be a fantastic tool to improve the architecture of apps.

Creating great animations on iOS - ADDC

In this talk I spoke about a few different techniques that I use to build animations for iOS, and how these techniques can be used to implement nice & smooth workflows for both developers & designers.

Swift scripting in practice - AppBuilders

An introduction to Swift scripting, why I think Swift is an awesome language for scripting, and a demo of how to write scripts using Marathon.

Writing Swift code with great testability - Mobius

In this talk I spoke about unit testing in Swift, and how to adapt your Swift code to make it much easier to test.

Building component-driven UIs - Mobile Era

An updated version of my talk about the architecture behind the Hub Framework and how it can be used to build component-driven UIs.

Backend-driven UIs - #Pragma

My first talk about backend-driven UIs after open sourcing the Hub Framework. In this talk I spoke about the concept in more general terms with a new live demo.

Making Swift & JSON friends - Mobiconf

An updated version of my talk about handling JSON in Swift, and the story behind Unbox & Wrap.

Building component-driven UIs at Spotify - UMT

A new version of my talk about Spotify's backend- & component-driven UIs.

Swift & JSON - CocoaHeads Stockholm

In this talk I told the story of why I built Unbox & Wrap, and show some examples on how to use them to make handling JSON in Swift a lot nicer.

Backend-driven native UIs - Mobile@Scale

At Facebook's Mobile@Scale conference, I did my second talk about Spotify's backend-driven UI architecture and how it relates to building apps at scale.

Platformizing UI Code - Mobiconf

In my very first conference talk, I spoke about the Spotify feature system and how to scale UI development in a large team. 

Dynamic, native User Interfaces on iOS - NSLondon

The talk that started it all! In my first talk ever, at the NSLondon meetup, I spoke about what would later become known as the Hub Framework - the Spotify backend-driven UI architecture.