All my recorded talks

Here you can find a list of all conference & meetup talks that I've done that have been recorded.

Game Development for App Developers - #Pragma

In this talk I give an introduction to game development, for app developers who want to start making games on Apple's platforms. I show how SpriteKit can be used to get started, and introduce Imagine Engine. This is the first time I've done two live demos in the same talk, which was a lot of fun.

Everyone is an API designer - NSSpain

In this talk I speak about API design, and how it's not only something to consider when building frameworks and SDKs, but how it can be a fantastic tool to improve the architecture of apps.

Creating great animations on iOS - ADDC

In this talk I spoke about a few different techniques that I use to build animations for iOS, and how these techniques can be used to implement nice & smooth workflows for both developers & designers.

Swift scripting in practice - AppBuilders

An introduction to Swift scripting, why I think Swift is an awesome language for scripting, and a demo of how to write scripts using Marathon.

Writing Swift code with great testability - Mobius

In this talk I spoke about unit testing in Swift, and how to adapt your Swift code to make it much easier to test.

Building component-driven UIs - Mobile Era

An updated version of my talk about the architecture behind the Hub Framework and how it can be used to build component-driven UIs.

Backend-driven UIs - #Pragma

My first talk about backend-driven UIs after open sourcing the Hub Framework. In this talk I spoke about the concept in more general terms with a new live demo.

Making Swift & JSON friends - Mobiconf

An updated version of my talk about handling JSON in Swift, and the story behind Unbox & Wrap.

Building component-driven UIs at Spotify - UMT

A new version of my talk about Spotify's backend- & component-driven UIs.

Swift & JSON - CocoaHeads Stockholm

In this talk I told the story of why I built Unbox & Wrap, and show some examples on how to use them to make handling JSON in Swift a lot nicer.

Backend-driven native UIs - Mobile@Scale

At Facebook's Mobile@Scale conference, I did my second talk about Spotify's backend-driven UI architecture and how it relates to building apps at scale.

Platformizing UI Code - Mobiconf

In my very first conference talk, I spoke about the Spotify feature system and how to scale UI development in a large team. 

Dynamic, native User Interfaces on iOS - NSLondon

The talk that started it all! In my first talk ever, at the NSLondon meetup, I spoke about what would later become known as the Hub Framework - the Spotify backend-driven UI architecture.