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Sponsor: Zeplin

Published on 04 Jul 2020

Thanks a lot to the wonderful team at Zeplin for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this week. Those of you who listen to the podcast probably know that I’m incredibly passionate about designer/developer collaboration — so it should come as little to no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Zeplin as a tool for quickly improving that sort of collaboration.

Elevator pitch: Zeplin is a shared space where designers can easily upload their designs (with all of the most common formats supported), which then lets developers extract lots of valuable information directly from those designs — like font properties, margins, colors, and so on. But that’s just the beginning, because Zeplin even lets you generate fully native Swift code for retrieving those values at runtime — which significantly reduces the margin for errors when translating a design into an implemented UI.

The team behind Zeplin is also constantly building new features that make it easier for designers and developers to collaborate. They recently launched Zeplin 3.0, with a new Connected Components feature, an API for interacting with Zeplin programmatically, and much more.

So check out Zeplin today, and get started for free, by visiting zeplin.io — and just by clicking that link you also help support Swift by Sundell and all of my work — pretty great!