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Sponsor: Working Copy

Published on 25 Jun 2020

My thanks to indie developer Anders Borum for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this week to promote his fantastic iOS Git client Working Copy.

If you do any sort of Git-related work on your iPad, then I really recommend trying out Working Copy. It’s fast, easy to use, and gives you access to many powerful Git features through an elegant, iOS-native UI. Clone repos, create branches and commits, view diffs, and push changes — all from your iPad!

Working Copy also connects beautifully to many different system features — such as the Files app, Shortcuts, and the iOS share sheet — and Anders has been constantly improving the app ever since it was launched just after WWDC 2014.

During the week of WWDC20, you’ll get 25% off the Pro version of Working Copy, so check it out today, and make sure to unlock the Pro version before the week is over to get that really nice discount, and to support two indie developers — both Anders and me — at the same time.

Download Working Copy from the App Store