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Sponsor: UIDesignManager

Published on 19 Jun 2020

My thanks to the team behind UIDesignManager for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this week, which helps me keep the site free and available to everyone around the world.

UIDesignManager is a tool that lets developers and designers quickly iterate on an app’s UI components — completely visually — without having to release a new version of it, whether that’s to TestFlight, or to the App Store.

If you’re building apps for clients, UIDesignManager can enable your clients to make tweaks to their apps on the fly, right on an iOS device, using the UIDesignStudio app. It works with both UIKit and SwiftUI, and you can try it for free for 30 days — so give it a go, and see just how fast it could let you iterate on your app’s UI.

Try UIDesignManager for free.