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Sponsor: Strings

Published on 12 Oct 2020

Thanks a lot to the team behind Strings for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this past week. Their support is helping me keep the website and all of its content free and accessible to everyone.

I’m a big fan of tools that help bridge the gap between the different disciplines that are involved in building a truly great app, and Strings is definitely one of those tools — as it makes it easy to enable copywriters to directly update your app’s localized strings, without requiring them to clone and update the project’s various Xcode files.

Simply set up your project with Strings, and it will give the people working on your app’s localization and copy a very writer-friendly, web-based UI for them to use — but here’s the trick, it will then also automatically create Pull Requests for the changes that they’ll make, which you can then approve and merge into your project’s repository.

So if you’re often getting requests for string changes in tasks, emails, on Slack, or in bug comments — then I can really recommend trying out Strings. It’s free to try, and by using this link to check out Strings, then you also directly help support Swift by Sundell as well.