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Sponsor: Sim Genie

Published on 19 Oct 2020

My thanks to the indie development shop Breakpoint Studio for sponsoring Swift by Sundell last week to promote Sim Genie, their excellent new iOS development tool that turns many repetitive simulator tasks into instant actions.

Using Sim Genie you can do things like easily browse and modify each simulator’s data, change your app’s granted permissions, send push notifications, empty the keychain, capture screenshots and videos, and so much more.

Sim Genie can also help you make your marketing videos and screenshots look fantastic, with built-in support for configuring the status bar to have just the right look, and Sim Genie even integrates with Unsplash to let you import high-quality placeholder images with just a click.

So I really recommend checking out Sim Genie, and the good news is that you can try it completely for free, and by using this link to do so you also directly help support Swift by Sundell as well.