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Sponsor: RevenueCat

Published on 26 Oct 2020

Thanks a lot to RevenueCat for sponsoring Swift by Sundell last week. Their continued support helps me keep the entire site free and available to everyone in the Swift community.

Implementing in-app purchases is one of those development tasks that can appear deceptively simple at first glance. After all, Apple’s StoreKit framework has everything that we’ll need, right?

While that might be technically true, successfully building a robust in-app purchase implementation can be really tricky, especially when dealing with subscriptions — as you’ll need to perform receipt validation, handle transactions, parse expiration dates, and so much more. That’s why I recommend checking out RevenueCat, because they’ll handle all of those complexities for you, all through a very simple and elegant Swift API.

RevenueCat also supports other platforms, such as Android, and includes a suite of really powerful features — including analytics, integrations with other services, web hooks, and more. Getting started is completely free, and by using this link to check out RevenueCat, then you’ll also help support Swift by Sundell as well.