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Sponsor: Reveal

Published on 06 Sep 2020

Thanks a lot to the team behind the fantastic iOS development tool Reveal for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this week. I’ve personally been using Reveal for years, both when working on huge projects, as well as smaller ones, and it’s always been fast, rock solid, and incredibly valuable.

Reveal lets you inspect, debug, and modify your app’s UI while the app keeps running. Not only does that mean that you no longer need to recompile and relaunch the app if you just want to see what a small tweak would look like — you don’t even need to pause the app at all!

Beyond basic view properties — such as frames, colors, fonts, and so on — Reveal also lets you inspect and modify things like Auto Layout constraints, the underlying CALayer instances that an app’s UI is drawn using, and much more. It even includes a super handy tool that highlights views and constraints that are affected by common Auto Layout issues, along with hints and suggestions that make it so much easier to fix such issues.

Reveal is free to try, so check it out today if you haven’t tried it before, and they’ve also got a brand new set of pricing tiers if you’re looking to renew your license. And, like always, using that link to check out Reveal directly helps support Swift by Sundell, and helps me keep the website up and running.