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Sponsor: Noted

Published on 11 Jul 2020

My thanks to the team behind the fantastic note taking/voice memo crossover app Noted for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this week.

Noted lets you record either yourself, or something like a lecture or meeting, while also enabling you to write accompanying notes that are automatically time-synced with your audio recording. You can also remove unwanted background noise from your recordings, and listen to them at different playback speeds as well.

The notes that you’ll take using Noted can also be formatted in a number of ways, you can import images and other kinds of content from other apps, and it includes full support for dictation, as well as Siri integration for quickly adding voice-based notes. Plus, your notes are fully searchable and syncs across all of your Apple devices, just as you’d expect.

Try Noted for free today, and by using this link to do so, you also help support Swift by Sundell.