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Sponsor: Loca Studio

Published on 25 Jul 2020

Thanks a lot to the team behind Loca Studio, a really great app that makes it easy to manage and improve your app’s localization files, for sponsoring Swift by Sundell again this week.

Loca Studio is a fast, native Mac app that makes it easy to get an overview of the overall localization state of your app, to collaborate with translators, and to validate that the strings that you’ll end up including in your app are indeed correct. As an example, Loca Studio will validate strings referring to system features (such as the name of the Settings app, or other operating system terms), and will warn you if any of your app’s translations seem incorrect. Super handy!

It also includes features for merging localized strings, for previewing what a formatted string will look like in various locales and languages, and much more.

Download Loca Studio for free from the App Store, and simply by downloading the app you’ll also support Swift by Sundell — pretty great!