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Sponsor: Instabug

Published on 28 Sep 2020

My thanks to Instabug for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this past week. I’ve personally been using Instabug for bug and crash reporting in several projects, and it’s always been rock-solid and extremely valuable when solving all sorts of bugs and issues.

When you include Instabug’s lightweight SDK within your app, it’ll not only automatically notify you of crashes and other issues that your users might encounter, it’ll also help you monitor your app’s overall performance, and lets you easily add various support tools — such as in-app bug reporting and surveys — to your app as well.

Instabug also keeps getting better and better, and at the time of writing, they’re just about to launch their brand new Application Performance Monitoring feature — which will give you super valuable insights into how your app is performing on various devices, all completely automatically. I’ve been beta-testing that new feature during the past week, and I’m really excited to soon get to use it in production.

Try Instabug (for free!) today by using this link, and you’ll also directly help support Swift by Sundell.