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Sponsor: Instabug

Published on 24 Aug 2020

Thanks a lot to Instabug for sponsoring Swift by Sundell for the past two weeks. If you’re looking for a reliable, easy to use, and powerful crash and bug reporting solution, then Instabug is a fantastic option — and as a Swift by Sundell reader, you get to try it for free for three whole months!

Instabug started out as a really rock solid crash reporter with a strong focus on both privacy and security, and it still is, but it has also evolved into a complete package for improving any app’s overall quality and stability.

Apart from getting detailed crash reports completely automatically, you can use Instabug to run in-app surveys, to provide direct support to your users, and to monitor your app’s overall performance. Each Instabug report contains a ton of useful debugging information — such as network logs, reproduction steps, and much more.

I’ve used Instabug myself in several projects, and it’s always been truly great, as it has helped me fix both bugs and crashes so much faster. But don’t take my word for it — sign up for a completely free trial to try Instabug for yourself. Using that link also directly helps support Swift by Sundell, and lets you use Instabug for free for three whole months — pretty great!