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Sponsor: Instabug

Published on 15 Apr 2020

My thanks to Instabug for sponsoring Swift by Sundell for another two weeks, helping me keep the site free and open to everyone.

People often ask me for recommendations as to which crash reporter to use for an iOS app — and for me that’s an easy decision — Instabug is not only an incredibly powerful crash reporter, it also has a ton of other useful features, and a strong focus on both privacy and security.

With Instabug, you can let your testers and users easily report bugs and issues, and ask you questions, right from within the app itself. And, when those reports instantly appear within your Instabug dashboard, they’ll also contain all sorts of useful debugging information and reproduction steps — so that you can fix those issues in record time.

You’ll also get performance monitoring, in-app surveys, intelligent grouping for all crash and bug reports, detailed stack traces, network request logs, and so much more — all in a single, easy to use SDK. It’s free to try, and only takes a minute to integrate.

Try Instabug for free and support Swift by Sundell.