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Sponsor: Essential Developer

Published on 17 May 2021

My thanks to Caio Zullo and Mike Apostolakis for sponsoring Swift by Sundell to promote Essential Developer and their iOS Career Crash Course — a free online course for iOS developers.

While many iOS development courses out there are focused on helping beginners learn the fundamentals of app development, this quick crash course is for mid- and senior level developers who wish to improve their skills and advance their career. It touches on topics like refactoring legacy code, avoiding common anti-patterns, composition, and how to keep moving forward in your career.

The May edition of the course is starting today, on May 17th, so if you’re reading this article before May 23rd, then simply head over to the Essential Developer website to sign up for this week’s course (it’s completely free!).

Or, if you’re reading this at a later point in time, then there will be many future editions of the course as well — all that you have to do is to enter your email here and Caio and Mike will let you know once their next edition is starting.