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Essential Developer

Published on 13 Jul 2022

Thanks a lot to Caio and Mike, the two developers behind Essential Developer, for sponsoring Swift by Sundell. Essential Developer was founded to help iOS developers accelerate their journeys towards becoming complete senior developers, and on July 18th, Caio and Mike will kick off the next edition of their iOS Architect Crash Course, which you can sign up for completely for free by going to

During that course, which consists of three online lectures, you’ll get to explore concepts like app architecture, maintaining and refactoring legacy code, and how to effectively utilize techniques like composition within iOS code bases. Those are all concepts that most senior developers are expected to be very familiar with, but can also be hard to explore and practice on your own. That’s why so many developers have found this course to be so incredibly valuable.

You’ll also get to ask your questions during the lectures as well, and there’s even bonus mentorship sessions available. All of this for the fantastic price of… free!

If this sounds interesting to you, then head over to the Essential Developer website to sign up for the iOS Architect Crash Course today. It’s held completely online, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. But don’t wait too long to sign up because the next edition (at the time of writing) already starts on July 18th.

Hope you’ll enjoy the course, and thanks a lot to Caio and Mike for sponsoring Swift by Sundell, which helps me keep the website and the podcast free and accessible to everyone.