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Sponsor: Design+Code

Published on 18 Jul 2020

Thanks a lot to my friend Meng To and his team at Design+Code for sponsoring Swift by Sundell this week, enabling me to keep all of my articles free and accessible to everyone.

Design+Code offers a large numbers of videos and courses that bridge the gap between design and development, enabling you as a Swift developer to explore UI development from a more design-oriented perspective.

For example, their course “UI Design for Developers” lets you learn enough visual design techniques to be able to design an app on your own, using well-established principles that translate well into code.

They also offer a fantastic SwiftUI course that teaches you how to build great user experiences and fluid animations using Apple’s new UI framework. It’s in many ways the perfect companion to the more code-focused articles on Swift by Sundell if you’re now learning SwiftUI.

Check all of this out at designcode.io, and by using that link you’ll also support Swift by Sundell in the process.