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Sponsor: Bitrise

Published on 21 Sep 2020

My thanks to Bitrise for sponsoring Swift by Sundell for the past two weeks, enabling me to keep the site free and open to the entire Swift community.

Bitrise is my favorite continuous integration service, and this time of the year, I’m always reminded of a big reason why that is. Every time that a new release of Xcode comes out — whether it’s a new minor version, a new beta seed, or an entirely new major release — it just takes the team at Bitrise mere hours to add support for it.

So when Apple released the Xcode 12 GM this past Tuesday, Bitrise had it up and running on their servers in less than 24 hours — enabling all of their customers (myself included) to immediately build, test, and distribute their apps using the new iOS 14 SDK. Simply leave it up to Bitrise to keep your CI and build pipeline up to date, so that you can focus on working on your app and delivering new features to your users.

Bitrise takes just a few minutes to setup, it doesn’t require you to fiddle around with any obscure configuration files or build settings — it just works! Try it for free today, to run your builds and tests automatically in the cloud, by visiting bitrise.io/swift.

Using the above link also directly helps support Swift by Sundell as well.