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Sponsor: Bitrise

Published on 30 Apr 2020

My thanks to Bitrise for supporting Swift by Sundell with another two-week sponsorship. I’ve been using Bitrise since long before they became a sponsor, and their continued support also plays a big part in helping me keep Swift by Sundell free and open to everyone.

Bitrise is Continuous Integration and Delivery that just works. It lets you automate all sorts of tasks — from building and distributing an app, to running tests, code style checks and other types of static analysis. It’s fast, stable, always updated with the latest versions of Swift and Xcode, and is super easy to use.

Before I was using Bitrise, adding continuous integration (or CI) to a project was always a bit of a chore — since it required fiddling around with poorly documented configuration files, manually updating things for every new Xcode release, and constantly debugging sources of flakiness and instability.

Now, whenever I start a new project, I simply log into my Bitrise account, click a few buttons in their web UI — and my new project has a fully capable CI pipeline up and running. It really is that easy, no matter whether I’m building an app, a framework, or just a simple Swift package — Bitrise builds my project and runs all of my tests on every single commit that I make, which helps me ensure that my projects remain fully working on all of the platforms that they support.

I really recommend that you try out Bitrise — it’s completely free to get started, and their free tier is now more capable than ever. Using this link to check out Bitrise also helps support Swift by Sundell, which in turn helps me keep the site and the podcast up and running.

Try Bitrise for free and support Swift by Sundell.