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Each month, over 400,000 developers from around the world visit Swift by Sundell to read in-depth articles, to listen to the award-winning podcast, and to discover new programming tips, tricks and techniques. It’s one of the most popular websites within the Apple developer community, and is available to all readers and listeners completely for free.

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Why advertise on Swift by Sundell?

A Swift by Sundell sponsorship puts your marketing budget to good use — by both letting you reach a large and highly engaged audience of software developers for Apple’s platforms, and by funding one of the Swift community’s most valued and beloved websites. Here are five reasons why your company should consider becoming a Swift by Sundell sponsor:


The sponsorship pricing model is simple, and was designed to enable both large and small companies to place ads on both the website and the podcast.

Want to learn more? Send a quick email to and you’ll get a personal reply within 24 hours, including the latest availability.

You’re in good company

Many companies, both large and small, have had great success advertising on Swift by Sundell. From makers of developer tools like Bitrise, Instabug, Reveal and Zeplin, to apps like Duolingo and Working Copy, and publishers like Ray Wenderlich and Manning — the ever-growing list of Swift by Sundell sponsors is very diverse.

Here’s a quote from Hendrik Haandrikman, VP of Growth at Bitrise, who have been significantly growing their user base by advertising on Swift by Sundell:

“Working together with John on the Swift by Sundell podcast, his own website and on guest articles is honestly one of the easiest wins we’ve ever scored. He understands the audience, because he is the audience. I can kind of just let him do his thing and it works. Every time.”

Graeme Welton, director of Flow Software, was incredibly pleased to see their weekly website traffic double just by placing a single ad on Swift by Sundell:

“By sponsoring Swift by Sundell, we managed to almost double our website’s weekly traffic as a direct result. Because of our niche market, that’s a big increase for us, and we’re trilled to have had our brand viewed by so many developers!”

Here are a few more examples of companies that have recently sponsored Swift by Sundell:

Want more information?

Simply send a quick email to , and you’ll get a personal reply within 24 hours with much more information about how your company can become a Swift by Sundell sponsor and reach hundreds of thousands of developers.

Thanks for reading, and I’m hoping to hear from you!

- John Sundell, creator of Swift by Sundell