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Each month, over 100,000 developers from around the world visit Swift by Sundell to read in-depth articles, to listen to the award-winning podcast starring some of the most prolific members of the Swift developer community, and to discover new programming tips, tricks and techniques.

All Swift by Sundell content is free for everyone. There are no paywalls, members-only sections or hidden content. Everything is fully accessible, thanks to the support of a growing group of sponsors - which include highly regarded brands such as Amazon Web Services, Bitrise, Instabug, Zeplin, and Ray Wenderlich.

By becoming a Swift by Sundell sponsor - you’ll both be able to put your product or brand right in front of a large, global, engaged and focused audience - and also directly help support a highly valued resource in the Apple developer community.

On this page you’ll find information about the various sponsorship packages available, and how to become a sponsor. Swift by Sundell is fully run and produced by me - John Sundell - and you’re always welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

Available packages

Three different sponsorship packages are currently available - each designed to be both flexible and cost-efficient - making them suitable even for startups and companies with small marketing budgets:

Regardless of which package you choose, you'll always get personal service, quick replies to any questions you might have, as well as help to write your ad copy and advise on how to get the most out of your sponsorship.

Companies of all sizes are welcome to become Swift by Sundell sponsors. The only requirement is that you're offering a high-quality product, service or job that's relevant for Swift/iOS/Mac developers.

Current sponsors include makers of developer tools such as Bitrise, Reveal & Instabug, publishers like Ray Wenderlich, indie developers like Working Copy & PSPDFKit, and infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services:


Article advertisements

A new full-length article is published on Swift by Sundell every Sunday, all year round. By becoming an article sponsor, a text-based ad of your choice will appear in every weekly article on the site for a period of time. Your ad can include text, links, as well as highlighted words or phrases to emphasize a product name, an offer code, or something similar.

All article sponsorships are exclusive - you'll be the only sponsor for the duration of your sponsorship. Swift by Sundell has over 100,000 monthly visitors, generating over 200,000 monthly page views - and your ad will be placed in a top spot - right above the "Conclusion" of each article.

Here's what an article ad currently looks like:

Sponsor Your company name Your ad can contain links, highlighted words and phrases, and a custom message - perfectly placed right above each article's "Conclusion" section.

A banner will also be placed at the top of the home page.

Price: $500 per week
Click here to contact me for booking.

Podcast advertisements

A new episode of the Swift by Sundell podcast is released every two weeks. Each episode can contain up to two sponsors, which each get 2-3 minutes of dedicated time on the show. All sponsor reads are done by me personally, making them a natural part of the show's content.

All podcast sponsorships also include an ad in the episode's description, as well as any links you'd like to point the audience to.

The Swift by Sundell podcast has over 80,000 monthly active subscribers, resulting in over 50,000 unique weekly requests to the show's feed. It was also voted as "Best Podcast" during the 2018 Swift Community Awards.

Here's what a few previous ads have sounded like:

Price: $1000 per episode
Click here to contact me for booking.

Sponsored newsletter content

The Swift by Sundell newsletter is sent out via email each month to a growing list of subscribers. By becoming a sponsor, you'll get a dedicated section in one edition of the newsletter - in which I'll write about your product or company.

All newsletter sponsorships are exclusive - you'll be the only sponsor for that edition of the newsletter. Currently over 4000 people are subscribed to the newsletter, which only launched a few months ago.

Here's a previous edition, containing a sponsored section for Bitrise.

Currently fully booked
All available newsletter sponsorships for the first half of 2019 are currently booked. Feel free to contact me for alternative sponsorships instead.

More information & Booking

If you're ready to become a sponsor, want more information, or want to ask any questions - don't hesitate to contact me.

Send an email to, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).