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Each month, over 125,000 developers from around the world visit Swift by Sundell to read in-depth articles, to listen to the award-winning podcast starring some of the most prolific members of the Swift developer community, and to discover new programming tips, tricks and techniques.

A Swift by Sundell sponsorship provides a way for your company to connect with this highly engaged audience in a unique, cost-effective, and elegant way — through custom, personal advertisements that naturally fit in with this site’s content.

Swift by Sundell is an independently run publication, created and published by John Sundell, and is highly regarded as one of the top websites for developers working on Apple’s platforms. All of this site’s content is made available for free to anyone from around the world, and the site is 100% funded by sponsorships.

Contact for more information on how advertising on Swift by Sundell could lead to new customers, and a large boost in brand awareness for your company or product — or continue reading for more information about what kind of sponsorship packages that currently are available.

Three highly active channels

Swift by Sundell is published through three channels on a regular basis:

  • Weekly articles published on this very website.
  • Bi-weekly podcast episodes featuring special guests.
  • Newsletters sent out on the first day of every month.

Some quick stats about the Swift by Sundell audience:

  • Over 125,000 unique monthly active visitors.
  • Over 250,000 page views on a monthly basis.
  • Over 30,000 monthly podcast episode downloads.
  • Over 5,000 people are subscribed to the monthly newsletter.
  • The two major markets are the US and the EU.
  • A continuously growing audience, yearly growth is over 100%!

Available packages and pricing

Contact to quickly get an offer for a sponsorship package that’s tailor-made for your company. Just include what channels and the amount of sponsorships that you’d be interested in, and you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

Standard pricing:

One week of website sponsorship: $500, which includes:

  • An ad for your company or product appears in all 125+ articles on this website during one week.
  • A banner ad will appear at the top of the site’s start page.
  • Copy writing for your custom ad, including the opportunity to give feedback on it.
  • All sponsorships are exclusive, you’ll be the only sponsor on the site for that week.

One podcast episode sponsorship: $1000, which includes:

  • A 2 minute ad read on an episode of the popular Swift by Sundell podcast.
  • You’ll get a test recording of your ad before it airs on the show.
  • Copy writing for your custom ad, including the opportunity to give feedback on it.
  • Maximum three sponsors per episode.

Newsletter sponsorships are included in packages containing three or more sponsorships. Packages are available starting from $1200 for one week of website sponsorship and one podcast episode.

Discounts are also offered depending on the volume of sponsorships, and discounts are also available for startups and indie developers who wish to advertise their apps.

You’re in good company

Many companies, both big and small, have had great success advertising via Swift by Sundell. From tech giants like Amazon Web Services, to makers of developer tools like Bitrise, Instabug, Reveal and Zeplin, to app developers like Duolingo and Working Copy, and publishers like Ray Wenderlich and Manning — the ever-growing list of Swift by Sundell sponsors is large and diverse.

Hendrik Haandrikman, VP of Growth at Bitrise, recently posted this about his experience advertising on Swift by Sundell:

Working together with John on the Swift by Sundell podcast, his own website and on guest articles is honestly one of the easiest wins we've ever scored. He understand the audience, because he is the audience. I can kind of just let him do his thing and it works. Every time.

Here’s a few examples of companies that have previously advertised on Swift by Sundell:

Swift by Sundell sponsors

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