15: “My interpretation of functional programming”, with special guest Chris Eidhof

Chris Eidhof, founder of objc.io and co-host of Swift Talk, joins John to talk about app architecture, functional programming, the "rockstar developer culture", picking database solutions and much more!

Chris just launched a new book called "App Architecture" together with Florian Kugler and Matt Gallagher - check it out here.

Special thanks to Sheng Hua Wu, Suhit, Błażej Wdowikowski and Chris Karani for this episode's questions! 🙌

Submit your question/topic at swiftbysundell.com/podcast, or by tweeting to @swiftbysundell.

♬ Intro & outro jingles by Dariusz Dziuk.

Links and show notes

Chris on Twitter: @chriseidhof

John on Twitter: @johnsundell


App Architecture book

Functional programming - Wikipedia

"Building an enum-based analytics system in Swift"

DSL: Domain-specific language - Wikipedia

UICollectionViewLayout - Apple Developer Documentation

Kickstarter's iOS app - GitHub

Git as a Document Format - Wil Shipley

"Separation of concerns using protocols in Swift"

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