Podcast sponsorship

The Swift by Sundell podcast is funded by sponsorships - which both lets me keep the show free & available to everyone, and also provides a great opportunity for companies offering relevant products & services to connect with a highly engaged audience.

There are no traditional "ad breaks" on the show, no annoying pre-roll ads or unnatural cuts to disruptive announcements. Instead, the model is simple - sponsors get around 2 minutes of dedicated time on an episode, as a natural part of the show's content. The sponsorship messages are read by me personally, providing a much more human way to advertise than many other channels.

🎧 Here's an example of what a sponsor read sounds like on the show.

Current sponsors include highly respected brands in the Swift developer community, like Ray Wenderlich, Bitrise and Instabug, and if you're offering a high quality product or service that's relevant for Swift developers - then I'd love to have you on as a sponsor as well.

The show currently has over 40,000 monthly active subscribers (as of June 30th), and each week more than 20,000 unique requests are made to the show's feed. The audience is truly global, with the major markets being North America and Europe. Most listeners are either professional or aspiring software developers, making the show an ideal place to advertise developer tools, productivity services or engineering job openings.

The price for sponsoring one episode is 700 Euros (can also be paid in USD). That gives you around two minutes of dedicated time on the show, as well as a product description with links in the episode's show notes.

🗓 Here's the current sponsorship availability:

Episode release date Availability
16th - 20th of July Fully booked
30th of July - 3rd of August Available
13th - 16th of August Available
27th - 31st of August Available

📬 To book a sponsorship, or if you have any questions, send an email to sponsor@swiftbysundell.com (I usually get back to you within 24 hours).

Best regards,

John Sundell