Podcast Sponsorship

Reach up to 60,000 Swift, iOS & Mac developers and enthusiasts with personal, cost-effective and flexible advertisements through a Swift by Sundell podcast sponsorship.

The Swift by Sundell podcast is a regular, bi-weekly show for iOS & Swift developers with an engaged, enthusiastic and continuously growing audience. Each episode features a new special guest, and has a unique connection to its audience through its Q&A-focused format.

The show is a labor of love, and has also become a very important and appreciated resource in the Swift developer community.

Each sponsorship includes:

  • A 2-3 minute ad read on the show, read personally by me - John Sundell (the host of the show).
  • A custom ad, either based on your own copy, or written by me (and signed off by you).
  • A link to your URL of choice in the episode's show notes, as well as in supported podcast players when your ad is playing.
  • An ad in the episode's show notes.
  • Your message becomes a natural part of the show's content, there are no traditional ad breaks, which results in very low skip rates.
  • Maximum two sponsors per episode.

Show stats

Here are some current show statistics:

  • Monthly active subscribers: Over 60,000.
  • Weekly unique requests to the show's feed: Over 25,000.
  • Main markets: USA & Europe, accounting for more than 50% of the audience.

If you want to learn more about the show or have questions about some more specific statistics or pieces of data - feel free to contact me.


Here are two examples of current sponsors, both highly regarded brands within the iOS developer community:


  • The current sponsorship rate is 1000 USD per episode.
  • Special pricing is available when buying multiple ads, contact me for more info.
  • Payment is done via invoice and bank transfer.

Schedule and booking

A new episode of the podcast is released once every two weeks, and you can pick exactly which episode you want your ad to appear in - to coordinate with any other campaigns you may be running, or new feature releases.

To book a sponsorship, or if you have any questions, send an email to john@swiftbysundell.com (I usually respond within 24 hours).