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Ads on Swift by Sundell

I love creating content for the Swift community, and I’ve been doing so since 2015 — long before anyone paid any attention to what I was making, and without any intentions of ever making a single dollar from my content.

However, there’s a very hard limit to the amount of work anyone can do for free — and even though I’ve personally been constantly pushing that limit for the last couple of years — that limit will still always be there, since I can’t keep reducing my amount of paid work in favor of running this site forever.

That’s why I’m now allowing companies, highly relevant companies, selling high quality products and services that I think you’ll be very interested in, to advertise on Swift by Sundell’s various channels — the weekly articles, the podcast and the newsletter.

These ads will always be designed to fit well into the content they appear in — there will be no popovers, page blockers, auto-playing videos or other obtrusive ways of displaying ads. All sponsorships and paid content is also clearly marked as such, so there will be no confusing what’s an ad and what’s not.

All ads — regardless of format or advertiser — are also highly respectful of your privacy. There’s no embedded trackers, and an ad can’t contain any executable code. Advertisers will occasionally use a specific (static) URL as part of their ad, so they’ll know how many people clicked on it — but that’s it.

If you like the content on this site, feel free to occasionally check out a sponsor by clicking on their links, checking out their products and, if you’re interested — using any provided offer code when making a purchase — all of those things really help support this site and all of my work for the Swift community, and helps keep all the things I do 100% free and accessible to everyone.

Thanks for reading! 🚀

— John